Tuesday, 29 December 2009

surveying the post-christmas calm

christmas celebrations have come and gone, thoughtful presents linger.
gifts and the present time.

just before christmas a whole lot of my work made it's way into nest and urban cow.
if you'd known, you would have bought it, right?

here are images of a few of the objects, now sitting on their little shelves, waiting to be discovered and welcomed into someone's home. how lovely.

"kids" beakers H10cm approx.

large "bamboo" vase H20cm approx.
large "bamboo" bowl H10cm approx.

medium "bamboo" vases H15cm approx.

Monday, 30 November 2009



out and about

wow. a really busy time... what to share first?

a load of work emerged from the kiln on thursday. always exciting when it works!
some of the work has journeyed to the port, installed at Gaff gallery for an exhibition for Celtica festival. it's 3 bodies of work, "connections", "disconnected" and "shards".
gallery open wed 2nd - sun 6th,12-4pm.

photo by nathaniel

whitmore square arts fair scraped through with minimal rain. a lovely vibe to the event and really nice to have a bit of contact with people. i rarely do markets, so it was good to hear what people liked/didn't like about some of my work (i took beakers and badges - nothing over $20!) and also nice to sell with no commission for a change. also swapped a piece with a fellow maker. nice.

photo by kerrin

next stop is the ACArts Bazaar 10-2 this friday (4th of december) at light square. then retail outlets here I come!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Adelaide events coming up

A few chances to catch me (and some of my work) !

Celtica Festival exhibition "looking forward, looking back".
Opening 4pm, Saturday 28th of November. Gaff Gallery 25 Divett Street, Port Adelaide.
Then 12-4pm Sunday 29/11, Wednesday 2/12 to Sunday 6/12.
Saturday the 5th of December "Introduction to clay" workshop at Gaff Gallery from 10-12 then sitting for the exhibition from 12-4pm.

Whitmore Square Artists' Fair (Karpandi Arts Centre stall).
Sunday 29th of November 11am-4pm

I have the great pleasure of facilitating a weekly community arts workshop in Karpandi centre, which caters for people who are homeless or disadvantaged. I will be there to showcase the work we do as well as bringing some of my own work. A local artist, Shane Long, will be painting at the stall.

Hope to catch you soon!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

all about making

what a strange and wonderful process this ceramic art life is. periods of making, creating, playing, followed by the anxious wait associated with firing. what you then hope for is a collection of beautiful objects, ready to be enjoyed by others and maybe some for my own space.
at the moment my hands and heart keep themselves busy making new objects.
watch this space.

photos by me (hands by jack briner)

what i'd like is to draw a lady dancing around a pot... out comes the camera to get some shapes.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

more vases out into the light...

yes, it's true, a few more vases have emerged from the darkness of their wrappings and made their way to Urban Cow Studio, 11 frome street, adelaide. enjoy.
Photographs by Ryan Pike.

adventures at the port

all set to head off to the studio.... then my dearly beloved starts talking about the adventure that he and the kids are going on.. sounds pretty good....
so i take the day off, it is school holidays after all, and wander down and through the port festival with my beautiful family. the festival is on until friday the 16th.

silken waves.

getting rather close to a python...


building birds with juniper for the final night parade. cane skeleton covered in paper and glue. love getting my hands dirty... and encouraging the kids to as well.

in an excellent end to the day, we caught the opening of "rust", an exhibition of work from some of adelaide's finest artists/craftspeople at black diamond gallery. drool, drool!

Friday, 2 October 2009

highly commended @ heysen prize and new collaborative work

"I highly commend... Sunshine g.b. March's intriguing small ceramics that pack a lot of messages about different levels of society in a small and delightful series... "
Susan McCulloch, Judge for the Heysen Prize at Hahndorf Academy.

Delighted to be one of 4 artists selected (from the 56 finalists) for special mention at the award ceremony of the Heysen prize. The exhibition of finalists' work is open until the 1st of November. The theme is "interpretation of place".

Also at Hahndorf Academy is the first "outing" for a new series of work, created with drawings done by 2 of my children, Celso and Daisy. They were also delighted that evening, seeing their drawings in a shop! They are displayed next to a selection of some of my other work for sale in the retail gallery at Hahndorf Academy.

Photos of vases and beakers by Ryan Pike.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Portrait beakers available for order

Another collaborative effort! Nest Studio spotted these beakers and thought some of their customers might like one (or two!) of their very own. So we've teamed up, offering an opportunity to order a wheel-thrown beaker with a hand-drawn portrait, taken from a photograph supplied by you. See what Carly says about the project here.
You have a few weeks to get your order in, with the final date for orders being the 30th of October.
Contact Nest Studio to get details and fill out an order form.
Photograph by Ryan Pike.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Tandem project with Umbrella Prints

It pleases me greatly to announce the launch of a Tandem Project with Umbrella Prints - "modern australian screenprinted fabric".
Using 2 of their their beautiful designs, "Bird in Paradise" and "Crosshatch", I have created a series of beakers and vases. You can experience them "in the flesh" at Nest Studio's shop @ 147 Magill Road, Magill. Then you can give Amy or Carly some money and take a vase or beaker or two home with you. You know you want to... Do it, do it.
Photographs by Ryan Pike.

UPDATE : See what Carly and Amy have to say about the project on their blogs.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

the kiln is open

checked the kiln on friday- still too hot to unload. went back today.....
phew! nothing exploded, cracked or bubbled.
some pieces worked pretty well, others not so well. sneak peek above, proper photos coming soon.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

waiting for the kiln

i'm waiting on a glaze firing to come out of the kiln. i've got the tummy flutters, restless sleep. arrgghh... does this ever get easier? it's not even a complicated firing.
it does, however, hold some exciting goodies which i will share in due course... unless anything goes horribly wrong in the firing!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

we're very happy in brompton

These objects will soon be making their way to the Hahndorf Academy for the Heysen Prize. Open 2nd of October to the 1st of November.

Thursday, 20 August 2009


welcome to the adventures of sunshine gb march.
i plan to share what i'm up to, where you can view or purchase my work and any other random things that i'd like to share.