Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shop Talk at the Art Gallery of SA

Come and talk shop with us....

The Gallery Shop is launching a new event series called Shop Talk. You can now head in-store on a regular basis to find out more about your favourite designers and products. At the first event South Australian potter, Sunshine March will speak about the range of pottery plates she produced exclusively for the Gallery Shop. Put this date to talk shop with us in your diary now!

When: Tuesday 2 September, 2pm
Location: Gallery Shop
Cost: Free

Sneak peek ;)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What to do with a Palm Plate?

oooh, i LOVE it... but what do you DO with it?

here's some of what I do with my "Palm Plates" - plates that fit in the palm of your hand  (and are the size of mine :)
keeping my cup of tea hot if called away (to take photos for a blog, for example), bananas for a snack....... also spices when you're cooking dinner, rings while you're kneading dough or a spoon rest.
wonder what else they get up to?

top photo co-stars elodie barker mug and susan frost cup.

PS In case you were wondering, you can buy some at Urban Cow Studio.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

2014 started with a rush of making... Here's some of the ear-rings from "Collective" with their new owner :)

Since then I have been a little bit more relaxed work-wise, working on pieces for retail shops and a new commission based on nesting bowls. I'm also occupied with getting the studio at Henley and Grange Arts Society running smoothly, especially now we have 3 regular groups as well as classes. I'm working to create a welcoming, peaceful, friendly space for people to work  - pop into the studio to see how it's all going!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

the collective continues - one more week!

Get to it! One more week to see this exhibition at urban cow studio.

"Jumping back into making after a year-long maternity break, I realise my heart is at home.
Home in our wild, unruly garden with herbs, smells, hardy succulents and the never-ending washing.
Home in unfashionable, daggy terracotta clay, affectionately pinched into bowls and spoons.
Home in the excitement of new ideas, new colours, new people, new rhythms, new collections"

Bowl and spoon set: Terracotta clay. $15 ea.
"Home" palm/tiny plates: Ceramic with scraffito drawings. $28/$16 ea.
"Bright spot" and "Bamboo" earrings: Ceramic, silver plated finding. $33 ea.
"Home" ramekins: Ceramic with scraffito drawings. $40 ea.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

the collective part two

dropped off work for collective at urban cow studio this morning. always so nerve-wracking. you busy yourself in the studio, making this and that, conceptualising, bring into fruition the inner workings of your mind and then - bam - it's out there, for everyone to look at. gets me every time.

some bright spots
hands on checking - are these the right size? do my ears look big in these?
unfired ear-ring stud fronts
sneak peek of finished work - slightly blurry to add to the allure and excitement. what do they REALLY look like ... well, see you on wednesday night!
6-8pm at urban cow studio, 11 frome street, adelaide. oh, yeah!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

the collective part one

preparations are in full swing for a February exhibition at Urban Cow Studio

The Collective facebook page for more information...

the concept behind the exhibition is the collections of a selection of Urban Cow Studio artists.
our little collections, new collections, whatever takes our fancy collections wise.

i'm going with  a few different things (as usual - decisions, decisions, just do it all!). a few whimsical bowls and spoons in terracotta (terracotta!! the horror!!) and the start of a few new lines for retail.

having just spent a year in maternity leave land, i'm starting a series based on home as i spend quite a lot of time there!

the process begins for the series..... (to be continued...)