Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What to do with a Palm Plate?

oooh, i LOVE it... but what do you DO with it?

here's some of what I do with my "Palm Plates" - plates that fit in the palm of your hand  (and are the size of mine :)
keeping my cup of tea hot if called away (to take photos for a blog, for example), bananas for a snack....... also spices when you're cooking dinner, rings while you're kneading dough or a spoon rest.
wonder what else they get up to?

top photo co-stars elodie barker mug and susan frost cup.

PS In case you were wondering, you can buy some at Urban Cow Studio.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

2014 started with a rush of making... Here's some of the ear-rings from "Collective" with their new owner :)

Since then I have been a little bit more relaxed work-wise, working on pieces for retail shops and a new commission based on nesting bowls. I'm also occupied with getting the studio at Henley and Grange Arts Society running smoothly, especially now we have 3 regular groups as well as classes. I'm working to create a welcoming, peaceful, friendly space for people to work  - pop into the studio to see how it's all going!