Tuesday, 29 March 2011

slow and steady wins the ... waterhouse?

So, I got into the studio to actually do some making today.
I remember why I love it so!

This year has had a very slow start for me - I'm trying to make myself walk slower, allow more time for everything and "plan" time for exploring new ideas. Anyone who knows me knows that this is NOT my natural way of being!
But it's been good. And frustrating. And tedious. And exciting.

So, I'm working towards entering the "Waterhouse" prize. I have 6 weeks and I'm at the "playing with ideas" stage. I suspect it won't be finished in time for this year but I'm closer than I have been for the last 2 years... eg. I've actually started making objects to explore some ideas I have! We'll see what happens.

Some of my inspirational photos... (sorry - no classical music accompaniment but feel free to hum along) ....