Friday, 25 September 2009

Tandem project with Umbrella Prints

It pleases me greatly to announce the launch of a Tandem Project with Umbrella Prints - "modern australian screenprinted fabric".
Using 2 of their their beautiful designs, "Bird in Paradise" and "Crosshatch", I have created a series of beakers and vases. You can experience them "in the flesh" at Nest Studio's shop @ 147 Magill Road, Magill. Then you can give Amy or Carly some money and take a vase or beaker or two home with you. You know you want to... Do it, do it.
Photographs by Ryan Pike.

UPDATE : See what Carly and Amy have to say about the project on their blogs.

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  1. love! The designers from cul-de-sac liked these very much today x