Friday, 2 October 2009

highly commended @ heysen prize and new collaborative work

"I highly commend... Sunshine g.b. March's intriguing small ceramics that pack a lot of messages about different levels of society in a small and delightful series... "
Susan McCulloch, Judge for the Heysen Prize at Hahndorf Academy.

Delighted to be one of 4 artists selected (from the 56 finalists) for special mention at the award ceremony of the Heysen prize. The exhibition of finalists' work is open until the 1st of November. The theme is "interpretation of place".

Also at Hahndorf Academy is the first "outing" for a new series of work, created with drawings done by 2 of my children, Celso and Daisy. They were also delighted that evening, seeing their drawings in a shop! They are displayed next to a selection of some of my other work for sale in the retail gallery at Hahndorf Academy.

Photos of vases and beakers by Ryan Pike.


  1. Congratulations Sunshine! Wow that is great x

  2. LOVe the children's artwork on the beakers!!! brilliant.

  3. Sunshine..they look great and some fabulous ideas with the kids drawings and portrait line drawings..can't wait to get my hands around one!

  4. thanks, amy, carly and george.
    glad the kids drawing idea is out at last - it's an idea that's been kicking around in my head for far too long. i had someone say "oh, they're so joyful". so good to elicit joy. they're fun to make, too. guess that leaks into the work.

  5. Gorgeous work you little & big March peeps...congrats on all that has been happening for you xx