Monday, 30 November 2009

out and about

wow. a really busy time... what to share first?

a load of work emerged from the kiln on thursday. always exciting when it works!
some of the work has journeyed to the port, installed at Gaff gallery for an exhibition for Celtica festival. it's 3 bodies of work, "connections", "disconnected" and "shards".
gallery open wed 2nd - sun 6th,12-4pm.

photo by nathaniel

whitmore square arts fair scraped through with minimal rain. a lovely vibe to the event and really nice to have a bit of contact with people. i rarely do markets, so it was good to hear what people liked/didn't like about some of my work (i took beakers and badges - nothing over $20!) and also nice to sell with no commission for a change. also swapped a piece with a fellow maker. nice.

photo by kerrin

next stop is the ACArts Bazaar 10-2 this friday (4th of december) at light square. then retail outlets here I come!

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