Tuesday, 29 December 2009

surveying the post-christmas calm

christmas celebrations have come and gone, thoughtful presents linger.
gifts and the present time.

just before christmas a whole lot of my work made it's way into nest and urban cow.
if you'd known, you would have bought it, right?

here are images of a few of the objects, now sitting on their little shelves, waiting to be discovered and welcomed into someone's home. how lovely.

"kids" beakers H10cm approx.

large "bamboo" vase H20cm approx.
large "bamboo" bowl H10cm approx.

medium "bamboo" vases H15cm approx.


  1. These look awesome! the kids ones are soo cute :)!! x harmony

  2. Happy New Year Sunshine! xox these look gorgeous!

  3. well, thankyou! nice to know someone's watching