Monday, 15 June 2015

Mugs with handles - how about that!

The lovely ladies at Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft and Design in Stirling laid down a challenge for their upcoming Mugs Day on June 28th - Mugs With Handles!
This may not seem like a crazy mad challenge for a potter but as my mouth said "yeah, sure" my mind said "when was the last time you made a mug with a handle except for class demos?!?".

With the aid of my photo albums I can tell you - 2005!! Production Throwing at ACArts. And I was mighty proud of my Phil Hart double butted handles, I can tell you!

So, I embarked on a small run of kids' mugs and expanding the "Gather and Share" range.
These babies reminded me why I stopped making handles.
So Many Steps. And Crack Opportunities (no such thing as a good crack).

throw mugs, trim mugs, pull handles, attach handles, decorate with slip.....
.... scraffito designs, scrape back rims and bases, dry slowly, hope there's no cracks....
But when they're all done they reminded me why I quite like handles. cause they're all sort of proper finished like, aye?

Now they're entrusted to the kiln, here's hoping for the best :)

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