Thursday, 2 June 2011

where i'm at

a snippet of one of the artefacts from experimenting for the waterhouse natural history prize.
bamboo prints - leaves and... stalks? what's the bamboo part called? anyway...
printed, chopped, reassembled. works in progress.

what can you origami? (is that really a verb?) answer : pretty much everything!
after folding little packets for seeds from the garden and creating envelopes with little boats for my son's birthday party invites, i got a bit hooked.
so now i'm seeing what i can fold to broochify (yes, it's a word. now.).
first stop, material. what next?

poor little sausage is home all week with chickenpox. he seems to be on the mend, though, as this gorgeous photo shows. gladdened my heart so thought i'd share.

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