Monday, 21 February 2011

2011. Here we go!

a new year brings with it so many possibilities. almost too many.
bamboozlement is definitely on the drawing board!
speaking of drawing (love a good segue) i've been going along to the tuesday morning drawing group at parks centre. (10am-1pm, only $4.70 a session!)
our current tutor is sophie hann, a beautiful drawer and inspiring guide.
a few self - portraits.

i'm enjoying a rather slow start to the year (halfway through feb. already!) and choosing to play, be inspired and explore new possibilities. drawing for it's own sake regularly is one of these adventures and watching my children being creative inspires me.
we worked on this painting project over the holidays. lots of fun.

beautiful colours and exploration in the sunny backyard.

this year i'll be continuing my position as artist in residence at parks centre and embarking on a year-long project with westcare karpandi arts centre.
my "baby" will start school later in the year and i'm relishing these last "at home" days with him. all in all, life is good. bamboozalicious.


  1. lovely photographs and times it seems :-)

  2. thanks, amy. i think the photos are a good reflection of life at present, a bit of this, a bit of that, experimenting with artwork and ideas and enjoying my gorgeous kiddykins.