Saturday, 9 October 2010

old and new

If you are very observant you may notice a change in the "Places you can buy my work" section of this here blog.
My work is no longer at Hahndorf Academy and Vintage Carousel.
I may re-stock Vintage Carousel at some stage so watch this space (or just keep popping in to the delightful shop that is Vintage Carousel!).
However, just to cheer me up, I have 2 new stockists!

Push Pin Boutique, 8 Compton Street, Adelaide, now have a selection of "80's rock", "scratches" and "bamboo" brooches.

One Small Room, Elizabeth (Queen) Street, Croydon, have the "we're very happy in brompton" printed form series (sold in groups of 3, I believe) and some very 70's style pottery cups - perfect for warming your hands and heart whilst imbibing coffee and tea.
The blue one on the left (yummy jun glaze) is available at O.S.R. (4 of them if you're quick!)

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